3rd Power Amplifiers Mag Frag Pickups Praxis/Riotbucker set

3rd Power Amplifiers Mag Frag Pickups Praxis/Riotbucker set

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Very often, designing a pickup is a balance of contradicting desires. An Alnico 5 can make your rhythm heavy and leads Shrill and trebly, while and Alnico 2 can give creamy smooth leads, but make your lows muddy and flubby. Try to play a complex jazz chord with high gain cranking, you're going to get mush from your speakers.

Unless of course, you're using a Mag Frag pickup. Mag Frags have a unique magnet and winding design that creates an extremely clear and balanced pickup set. 

Mag Frag pickups use Alnico V magnets for the bottom two strings, Alnico IV for the middle two strings and Alnico II. The result is a well-balanced and articulate pickup that allows you to hear everything, even through extreme high gain rigs. 

Mag Frags are available in Humbucker standard spacing or F spaced, Strat and Tele configurations or as single pickups. In Humbuckers, there are several styles within the humbucker range, The Aeria Buckers, which are a Vintage output pickup, The Praxis Bucker is a Classic Rock era output pickup, a bit hotter, The Praxis+, a Modern High Gain, and the Riotbucker, an extra high output pickup. 

Several cover and bobbin colors are available by order. 


Neck Model  Mag Frag Praxis Double Black
Bridge Model  Mag Frag Riot Bucker Double Black
Spacing Standard
Neck Resistance 8.12K
Bridge Resistance 14.75K

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