Bondhus Colorguard Ball End Hex Wrench Set SAE (13 pcs) or Metric (9pcs) Extra Long

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Seeking the best tools is one thing we take seriously at More Gain Music. We look past the industry standard brands to find the best. When we called Bondhus, they responded "You mentioned that you wanted to carry Luthier tools. I am not familiar with them. Can you please help me out with that?" Seriously, direct quote. 

We picked these for a few reasons. The multi color means you can quickly learn the colors that go with particular instruments of brands, saving time. When you throw them on your work mat, they won't blend into the background, saving time. When you try to fit them into the truss end, the chamfered end makes it easier going in, saving time (notice a theme here?). If you're a professional tech, these will speed up your process, allowing you to be more profitable. If you do your own work, they'll get you playing faster. 

When you look at the patent for the ball end hex wrench, Bondhus is the name on it. They use specially designed alloys for durability, and machine everything to the highest quality standards. No burrs to make your hex ill-fitting. Their tools are engineered for much higher specs than a guitar requires, but that's why we love them. 

We know they're more expensive than a multitool (which is clumsy and too large for some applications) or set of Hex wrenches from your big box hardware store (where they care more about profit margin than great tools). We feel the cost of a few extra dollars today is far worth it in the long run with these. 


Here's what they say: 

Time is money, and the real cost of using an inferior tool is realized when something goes wrong. As anyone who works with mechanical devices knows, bad things occasionally happen. It is not a question of “if”, but rather “when”.

Stripped screw heads are one of those bad things that happen. A screw with a stripped head can no longer be removed with a hex tool. If it is in a difficult to reach location, where a clamping device cannot grip it, the task becomes particularly problematic.

The cost of a high quality hex tool is negligible compared to the cost of removing a broken or stripped screw. Will the removal take a few hours? An entire day? What is the real cost of an inexpensive, poorly performing hex tool?

Bondhus quality hex tools are made from Protanium® high torque steel and have sharper corners to generate maximum holding and turning forces within the screw to virtually eliminate stripped screw heads.

Professional hex tools deliver a level of performance not attainable by consumer grade tools. In addition, safety is a factor that can impact the “actual” cost of ownership. As a result, knowledgeable buyers and professionals alike recognize the serious dangers of inferior tools that shatter instead of breaking clean.

The purpose of a high quality tool is to provide a faster, easier, and less costly means of performing a task. Bondhus strives to provide not just “good” tools, but the strongest tools available anywhere. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

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