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Limited quantity. This is an exclusive to More Gain Music and the last one in existence not accounted for. 

The ACID HORSE is a limited run, hand built, 2 in 1 Overdrive & Boost. Originating as a custom request design, this evolved into the pedal you see today.

The goal was a low to medium gain overdrive with lots of headroom, warmth, and vintage vibe without all the compression and hard clipping of most op-amp driven circuits… all the while keeping in mind it would be used with a tele and clean fender tube amp.

The result… a germanium NOS transistor driven boost circuit, same as the Silver Solo, feeding independently into the finely tuned OD. Increasing gain will venture into a nice warm low end with some cranked tweed amp feel. We were shooting for sustain and vintage low end… while the tone stack will allow you to brighten things up without passing off your bass and midrange response like most TS style circuits.

The magic sauce in the ACID HORSE comes when you stack em up… POW! Creamy, crunchy, sustaining rock n roll tones that can be dialed in a hundred ways. Find the sweet spot and push your amp into the glory zone. It's all in there…

BOOST - Output Level

RANGE - brightest setting fully clockwise, full range CCW

VOLUME - Overdrive Level

GAIN - Overdrive Gain

TONE - Tone (duh..)

These are all handwired in Chicago and built with high quality parts. Runs on 9V DC power supply with negative ground (pin), any 100mA / "boss style" will be fine. I highly suggest a quality power brick with adequate filtering… the cheap plug sources and daisy chains will add noise and create potential problems.


kspi: .317 kpsi

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