Daredevil Pedals Almighty Bass Fuzz

Daredevil Pedals Almighty Bass Fuzz

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 Distorting a bass is tricky business. The wrong pedal and all your low end is gone, or you don't cut through the mix. No worries with the Almighty Bass. Punchy cut through everything midrange punch with a HEAVY tone, this will suit even the heaviest of bands. We'd say this is reminiscent of Cliff Burton's tone. Throw an old Morley on there and crank up, you'll be rocking out a solo in no time. 

What Daredevil says

The Almighty Bass Fuzz is an original design circuit, not a variation of some other pedal. The gain is biting and thick, with enough tonal options to cover a lot of ground. Great for blending with your d.i. signal or stacking with your normal amp gain. There is a lot of volume and gain on tap, and it has a big low end. Tons of heavy fuzz but can be dialed back to sound like a cranked tube bass head. The Almighty sounds cool with guitars as well... lots of sustain and vintage type crushing fuzz. 

TONE Control - contours between a scooped mids EQ turned CCW, and full range with boosted upper mids turned CW.

This pedal is currently fulfilled direct from the manufacturer. 

kspi: .190 kpsi

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