Iron Age Accessories Killswitch Non-LED with Logo Gold

Iron Age Accessories Killswitch Non-LED with Logo Gold

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Killswitches have grown in popularity since they broke out with Tom Morello (among many others), and become staples of the techniques of many others, very prominently, Buckethead.

There have been a lot of attempts to make good killswitches, appropriating switches from other industries including video game consoles. We at More Gain Music have certainly seen our share of versions that wouldn't stand up to the demand of the modern metal player. We chose these switches for their superior design and construction. These will last far beyond the breaking point of other switches. 

With kill switches, the signal is interrupted intermittently, creating controllable rhythmic muting. There is a slight pop inherent in the design, especially when playing clean. When playing with high gain, the pop is naturally minimized. 

The Iron Age Kill Switch is available with or without LED and Logo. Available in Chrome, Brass and Black metal. The kit will include the switch with leads already attached and heat shrink tubing. An LED switch will also have resistors for the LED.

If you have active pickups in your guitar, the LED will be powered by the internal battery. For passive pickups, powering the LED will require a battery pack like the CR2032 pack.

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