Iron Age Picks Crystal Spearhead Pick

Iron Age Picks Crystal Spearhead Pick

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A Glassy New Edition of An Iron Age Classic
Smooth, Lustrous, Expressive - A Pick of Crystalline Clarity

For years Iron Age Spearhead picks have been a favorite of many.
From Macassar ebony to faux ivory & many other exotic materials, now it's available in an ultra-smooth cast acrylic.

Each of these picks is precision cut, hand-sanded to its ideal shape,
and polished to a pristine finish.

Each pick goes through a total of 9 Steps from start to finish but the result is certainly worth it! Each pick plays just as cleanly as it looks too, they're buttery smooth & glide across the strings effortlessly. Definitely worth considering for playing thick leads or layering on ethereal passages.

Whether you're a veteran when it comes to Iron Age picks, or just looking to try your first one, this is one that we'd recommend along with any of the other "Spearhead" picks:

These are all solid picks, they look razor sharp but are highly functional
and rather versatile picks in disguise.

Interested in trying some for yourself? Satisfy your curiosity today!

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