Mojotone 59 Clone Humbucker Pickup Neck Position Standard output

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"...if you want to get as close as possible to vintage Gibson humbucker tone, the ’59 PAF Clones are a great way to go." -Guitar Player Magazine, May 2014

The 59' "Patent Applied For" Clones are for the tone purist. Authentic to every detail using all American made parts. 1959 spec butyrate bobbins, 1959 spec long leg frame, custom vintage spec plain enamel wire, custom alnico 4 cast magnets, maple spacer, vintage spec screws, and vintage spec slugs.

These are very clear and warm with lots of single note articulation. The upper frequency range has exceptional bloom and lots of airy tone with the un-potted coils. We meticulously wound each coil with our own pattern and offset to represent what we believe to be the best vintage P.A.F. examples out there.

Stock with vintage single conductor external braided leads and 49.2mm string spacing just like the originals. Un-potted coils. 


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