Mr. Power Workbench Mat

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When doing guitar work, your workspace is just as important as the quality of tools in getting the job done. We’ve chosen the Mr. powers work mat for you as the one we recommend. It’s backed by real neoprene for padding (no reworked yoga mats here), and topped with cork. It will protect the guitar you’re working on from nicks and scratches and last longer than other mats in our experience. We’ve found the cork offers another advantage, just about every other mat is black, which means when we set down our hex wrench or small screws, we can lose where they are as they fade into the surface. Tools and screws will stand out against the cork, saving you time, and more importantly, frustration. The Mr. Powers mat is also larger than just about any other mat on the market. At more than 41 inches long, it will fit every instrument you’re working on entirely. Other brands of mat can be only 24 inches long, meaning you rest the body of the guitar on it, but the neck is hanging over the counter. The mat rolls up and has a convenient elastic band carrier for working on the go. 

Does not include neck rest. 

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