Munnyman Combo Breaker v1 Drive and Boost

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More Gain Music is proud to be the first dealer for Munnyman Pedals!

In the wide range of Overdrive pedals out there, a few stand out as all time classics, the pedals that launched a thousand clones. One of them is the Marshall Bluesbreaker. 

The original Bluesbreaker was launched in the 90s alongside a number of other pedals (including another legend, the Guv'nor). Designed to sound like a small Marshall combo a la Eric Clapton in his early London days into the early 70s, the Bluesbreaker is a must have for overdrive enthusiasts. The original run of pedals were notorious for less than stellar quality parts, and therefore, unreliability. And then one wound up on the board of John Mayer and they shot well past the budget of the average player. 

The Munnyman Combo Breaker is a tweaked version of the original with a clean boost added in front. This pedal really puts the sound of the original back within reach of the common man. 


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