Rare Buzz Effects Blue Fish 2 Fuzz Pedal

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 After over a year off the market, the Blue Fish Boost is back! The Blue Fish offers two unique boost channels, loud and louder, that can be used individually or stacked together providing warm overdriven tones. Each features an independent volume control and footswitch to easily pair them together or with other gain stages. The input stage of the loud channel was massaged for version 2 and the neon switch was added for more voicing options.  All clipping options from both styles of the original Blue Fish are included in version 2, easily selected by a rotary switch. 

The Blue Fish 2 is housed in a Gorva S90 enclosure, which is unmatched in fit and finish. The new landscape layout makes independent channel control more convenient, particularly while gigging. Solid Aluminum knobs, Taiway toggles, and Lumberg Audio and DC Jacks Carry over from the original design. This is the first Rare Buzz design to feature the new switching circuit: The audio is switched with a relay - completely isolated from the mechanical switch and LED - which reduces noise. Finally, if you ever happen to pop off the back, the circuit board is color coordinated and decorated with fish-themed art. 

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