Rombo RVPECO8 Variety Pack 8 styles of picks

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Rombo Picks started off with a kickstarter and designed by husband and wife Judith and Carlo. More Gain music is proud to be the first brick and mortar dealer for Rombo in the US. 

Rombo is committed to rethinking picks in shape, texture, and material. As such, they have some of the most well thought out and usable designs across the industry. Whatever your playing style and requirements, there is a pick for you, and you'll find it in this pack. All 8 of their designs are included. 

Bryan's take: 

Personally, I choose my pick based on the song I'm going to play. The Classics are pretty strummy, and the Jades made my heavy metal galloping 16ths at least 10 bpm faster, cleaner, and far easier in general.

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