Used Rowin Noise gate LEF 319

Used Rowin Noise gate LEF 319

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Rowin Noise Gate

The noise gate guitar pedal can reduce the noise form input signal and keep the quality of your original signal. If you run your rig on a High Gain setting this can reduce the "amp hum". At the same time keep the tone untouched

Its full metal casing makes it very small and sturdy, and like most great effects pedals it has true bypass.


Reduces the noise from input signal without lowering the quality of your original signal.

Made of high-quality zinc alloy, durable and sturdy.

True Bypass provide transparent tone.

LED indicator shows working state.


Input Impedance:1m Ohms

output Impedance:100k Ohms

Power Supply: DC 9V

(Plug polarity is Positive on the barrel and negative in the center)

Working Current: 26mA 


Please note this pedal can NOT powered by batteries. 


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