Victory Kracken Preamp/Overdrive Pedal (Used)

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The Kraken is a two-channel pedal preamp that delivers genuine all-valve overdrive. Use it straight into the front of your amp or recording interface, or alternatively use it in conjunction with your amp's FX loop to bypass the front end of your existing amp entirely for a whole new sound experience. This is definitely no 'ordinary' overdrive pedal!

Just like its namesake amp, Gain 1 is a slightly looser more ‘vintage’ British-inspired gain sound. Gain 2 is tighter in the bass with a more cutting midrange character and, of course, more drive.

1 x EC900 and 3 x CV4014 valves running at high plate voltage. These are the first pedal-format guitar preamps to feature four valves and an all-valve signal path. This is no ‘ordinary’ overdrive pedal!

                                                                        *****  TECH SPEC *****


  • Two-mode all-valve pedal preamp


  • 12V DC / 800mA minimum. DC adapter supplied


  • 1 x EC900, 3 x CV4014


  • 225(w) x 140(h) x 79mm(d) inc. feet & knobs


  • 1.65kg / 3.6lbs

EXTRA FEATURES:Two connection modesTwo switchable gain modesSteel chassis and control protection barRemote TRS switching option

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