Yamaha SE300 Electric Guitar Blueburst 1984

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The Yamaha SE300 a 21 fret strat style guitar. In the 80s, the SE300 was a beginner instrument, but compared to current offerings, it's more of a mid-range instrument. This is one great playing and sounding guitar by any standards. It's kind of a similar situation to the Squier instruments by Fender. We may not have a high opinion of the very lowest ends of the line, but we forget that the first Squiers were made in Japan and very formidable instruments. 

Yamaha has been building instruments for over a hundred years. They're quietly one brands with highest quality and consistency out there. Don't let the the motorcycles fool you. They came about because they needed hardware for drums. You notice the logo for the motorcycles is tuning forks? That's not a coincidence. Everything made by Yamaha is made by Yamaha by Yamaha people, in Yamaha factories, of Yamaha parts of wood Yamaha grew themselves. You get the idea. The quality is there. 

This is a heavy instrument, the wood from the 80s was just not the same as wood today, and you can hear and feel it. If we had our choice between this and other guitars in the less than $300 range, it would be this all day long. 

The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan hot rails. Middle and neck are stock pickups. One master volume, two tone controls, an added phase switch. 12" radius on the neck. The neck also had been leveled and and polished. Noted are some cosmetic blemishes. Guitar plays great, has great bright tone. The color on this guitar is stated to be rare by sources on the web.

This guitar comes in at an ounce over 8lbs.

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