Shop News Jan. 2021

Shop News Jan. 2021

Welcome to a new and (We'll make it so) better year. 

We opened with just a little product at the end of last year just to gather momentum and start getting out there. We're really a small bootstrapping company with a small staff, so every bit you see up here is the result of a lot of work by really just three people. 

That being said, 2021 is going to ramp up very quickly. We're anticipating an influx of gear and investment in the first quarter to get the store really moving and are beginning to look for our physical location. 

We have a long list of products we're going to bring out on our own, made by us in house. Some is already up and available, but really, we've been developing product longer than than this store has been up, and in fact, the store is in part a vehicle for us to begin offering these products to market. 

We're also going to be adding brands on a much faster basis, with our eyes on new small businesses, quality, innovation and design. 

We value everyone who stops by for a visit to our pages and look forward to a great 2021. 



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