Mission - More Gain Music

At More Gain music, we want to focus on the player and small businesses of the music industry, encouraging innovation, experimentation and modification. From Small independent shops to boutique manufacturers, small businesses have long been the core of the industry. While we’ll certainly carry the big brands, we hope to give a first look to the new, small, and up and coming brands. 

     Our product mix will grow and change as time goes on, but our commitment to the industry is steady. We’re here for you, the player, the builder, the small business, the dreamer, the tone chaser. 

     All of our products are selected for their quality, value and usefulness. We won’t carry something just to have a certain kind of product at a certain price point. All our stock is chosen because we’ve tested it and loved it. If it’s on our site, we have endorsed its quality, value, and brand. No stock photos, no copied and pasted product description. Just honest information about what we’ve found about the product. 

       The owners of More Gain music have decades of experience in the music industry, working with gear, musicians, playing in bands, working in music stores, and have a knowledge base that is extraordinary. Feel free to ask questions, poke our brains, we love to talk gear, and we’re here for you. 

     We are committed to the dreams and needs of our customers and employees. We pay living wages and provide proper benefits for all employees. We encourage you to shop at businesses that do the same.