Collection: Overdrive and Boost Pedals

What's the difference between an overdrive, a boost and a distortion? Well, the lines are blurry, but we use some guidelines for our definitions. Boosts are designed to be louder without being dirtier. While being louder they may boost with a midrange hump, a treble boost, or a flat EQ curve. Overdrives are designed to push your amp's overdrive channel to a hotter tone while not straying too far from it's own tone. Famously, the Tub Screamer has a distinct midrange boost, while others migh be flatter (but we also feel the notion of a "transparent Overdrive" is a myth). Distortions you would use on your amp's clean channel to significantly alter its tone. There are overdrives that can be used as a clean boost, and distortions that can dial back to a more overdriven tone, which is where the categories become blurred. In these cases we will list them in both categories. 

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