String To Speaker Carbon Fiber Thin Wall Slides

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We've used a lot of things as guitar slides over the years, metal, glass, porcelain, Zippo Lighters, medicine bottles, long sockets, rings. They've often been a device of convenience or invention of necessity. 

At More Gain Music though, we like to be innovative and realized nobody had ever tried carbon fiber before, at least not to bring it to market, so we did it. 

How does it sound? Well, you know how brass and chrome are bright and thin when compared to the warmth of glass and muddiness of ceramic? Carbon Fiber is right between metal and glass. Not as bright, not as thin, not as warm, not as muddy. 

And you know, you can probably run it over and still play it.*

We're also bringing to market a very large size for those players who have never been able to find one that fits. 


*We haven't actually tried, so if you do, we're not liable for what happens, got it? 

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