CTS Potentiometer Short Shaft 500K Ohm Linear Taper

CTS Potentiometer Short Shaft 500K Ohm Linear Taper

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 CTS potentiometers are the standard for quality in guitars. Short shaft potentiometers are used for through pickguard applications and the thinner side of a carved top guitar. We offer values of 250k and 500k ohms. Generally 500k is used for volume on Humbucker equipped guitars, and the 250k for tone on humbucker equipped guitars and volume or tone for single coil equipped guitars. 

The Chicago Telephone Supply company was founded in 1896 by the father and son team of A.J. and George A. Briggs partnered with S.A. Buffington, a Chicago Lawyer and has continued to lead on the manufacturing and development of electronic components, and while their range didn't start with guitars, nor is the music industry a big player in their fortunes, their potentiometers continue to be the standard for our industry. 

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