D'Addario NYXL1156 11-56 ga NYXL Electric Guitar String Set

D'Addario NYXL1156 11-56 ga NYXL Electric Guitar String Set

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D'Addario makes some serious claims about the performance, life, and resistance to breaking of the NYXL series strings. While we haven't scientifically tested these claims, our playing experience seems to support all of these claims. The high carbon steel resists breaking like nothing else. Our customer experience seems to line up with out personal experience on this point, very few reported strings breaking over many years of selling them. Tuning stability is unsurpassed. I put them on my Teisco Del Rey, didn't play them for six months and it was still in tune. D'Addario also claims higher output, and again, our experience lines up. They're fantastic on high performance metal guitars, and great in high gain situations. 

NYXL strings are high carbon steel alloy, nickel plated, and are not coated or treated. 

The 11-56  gauge set is a heavy set designed for tuning to D standard, though we've found it can work pretty well in some lower tunings and even in standard if you like a very heavy feel. 

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