Gotoh HBClassic Humbucker Neck position Double Black

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The HB-Classic is a vintage style humbucker pickup. It uses a made in USA Alnico 4 bar magnet which offers a uniquely balanced tone for an alnico magnet. This pickup is wax potted for sonic stability and uses a shielded 4 conductor wire for various wiring options. The HB-Classic comes in various open and covered options to match the look of any guitar. Mounting screws and springs are included. Made in Japan.

  • DC Resistance: 7.67 KΩ

For decades, Gotoh Guitar Pickups have been supplying high quality pickups to guitar manufacturers across the globe. From the classic MIJ vintage era to modern favorites in production today, Gotoh pickups have been instrumental in many guitars’ sound. The years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship built into these Japanese pickups make them an excellent choice for any guitarist.

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