Graphtech PQL-5000 TUSQ Strat XL Style Nut Curved Bottom (Right Or Left Handed)

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A Graphtech nut is one of the simplest ways to greatly improve your guitar tone and performance. TUSQ material is a synthetic replacement for your standard bone or plastic nut which gives you increased sustain and richer harmonics. Every time we install one for a person, the difference is noticeable to even the most casual of ears, and a lot of customers bring in all of their guitars for conversion. 

TUSQ is available in two varieties, original TUSQ and TUSQ XL. TUSQ XL is made with PTFE (Teflon is a brand name for PTFE), meaning that strings will slide through the channels easily. Definitely choose the TUSQ XL if you have a tremolo system or do a lot of bending. 

There are TUSQ and TUSQ XL nuts preslotted for just about any guitar, but you need to be certain of the dimensions in order to get the proper string spacing. Us a digital caliper to measure your nut to get the best match. Most of these are available for lefty players as well, and we will carry lefty variants for all as we grow. 


 Measure  Length Width
E to E 
.198" 1.363"
mm 42.85mm 3.25mm 5.03mm


Changing a nut is a fairly simple process. We're happy to do it for you, but you can do it with hardly any experience. Nuts are designed to be easily removed, and are usually held down with just a couple spots of glue. Gently break it out, and replace with one of these. A couple small dots of wood glue or superglue is all we ever use. Hold it down for long enough for the glue to take hold (you can use a couple strings tightened down to partial tension to do this, just make sure the nut seats properly as you leave it).

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