GraphTech PRN-2341-N0 Ratio Tuners 3+3 Vintage Keys Nickel

GraphTech PRN-2341-N0 Ratio Tuners 3+3 Vintage Keys Nickel

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InvisoMatch Mounting Plates for RATIO Tuned Machine Heads are the easiest approach to installing Ratio Tuned Machine Heads on your guitar. Simply select the installation plate design that matches the screw/pin hole location of your factory installed machine heads, then follow the three step process described below. You’ll be up and running within minutes, perfectly installed and aligned. Stay classy you axe master.

For stunning accuracy and response... upgrade to Ratio Machine Heads with it's patented Multi-Geared Tuning Technology.

The new standard in tuning. 

With InvisoMatch mounting plates you will reduce the time to install RATIO machine heads to well under 15 minutes. The alignment of the machine heads is perfect, no holes to drill or fill, ideal for vintage instruments. Four sets of brushed aluminum InvisoMatch mounting plates come free with every set of Ratio Tuners. Also available in premium finishes including chrome, nickel, black and gold.

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