Mojotone Humbucker Alnico Magnets

Mojotone Humbucker Alnico Magnets

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Changing pickups magnets is one of the least expensive ways to modify your guitar. For just a few dollars, you can change your guitar's tone dramatically. Pickup magnets will come in a variety of materials. You are probably familiar with the Alnico series, a variety of alloys with Aluminum, Nickel and Cobalt, numbered 1-9, and ceramic magnets. You can also get smooth machined or rough cast magnets. We'll be expanding our selection as we find suppliers and additional building materials as well. 

If you choose to make some attempts in this direction, there is definitely science and learning to explore, but we feel it's fascinating and will make you think about your tone differently from that point forward. And we're always willing to help and answer questions along the way. 

There are infinite possibilities in pickups in terms of magnet type, wire gauge, wire coating, number of winds, winding style, shape of pole pieces. We'll be posting a video of a magnet replacement soon, so you can see how easy it is. 

More Gain Music wishes to encourage and support modifiers, tone chasers, and the builders of tomorrow in stocking the materials they need to explore and learn. This is one of the best places to start.  

These magnets are sized to replace most standard humbucker magnets. We can get magnets fo multistring or wider formats on request. 

Alnico and Rough Cast Dimensions:
2.45in x .494 in
62.23mm x 12.55mm

Ceramic Dimensions: 
2.181in x .494in
55.42mm x 12.55mm



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