Music Nomad MN241 Beyond Plush 2 'n 1 Players Cloth 12"x 12"

Music Nomad MN241 Beyond Plush 2 'n 1 Players Cloth 12"x 12"

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Whether practicing at home or playing live, wiping down your guitar or bass before, during and after you play is critical to preserving and maintaining your body, neck and strings for optimal performance and appearance.

Music Nomad’s Beyond Plush Players Cloth offers unmatched features and benefits. No detail is overlooked, starting with the deepest, ultimate plush fibers to trap and carry dust away from the surface. Dust settling on your body can scratch your finish when rubbing against it. The plush fibers are extremely effective at gently wiping off fingerprints, grime and sweat. Sticky neck? Buildup lives all over your instrument, but using the Beyond Plush Players Cloth can reduce or eliminate that feeling.

Turn the cloth over to use the low profile suede microfiber to wipe down your strings. With 90,000 fibers per square inch and a lint-free construction, the suede fiber is designed to wipe away sweat, finger oil and grime buildup that attacks the strings and reduces string life and string tone. It even has a soft microfiber edging to avoid it scratching the finish. Keep it close and use it often to look, sound and play the best.

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