Music Nomad MN602 Precision string action gauge

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We try lots of tools at More Gain Music to find the best. This is one of them. 

String action gauges are used to determine the height of the string off of the fretboard and over the pickups. This gauge has a black background with precision markings in white, which we find stands out far better than other brands who print black on silver. The silver can reflect too much and make lines illegible, and the black print doesn't stand out as well in any circumstances, so in this case, this gauge excels. 

Fret rockers are designed to have four edges of different lengths to lay over three frets to find high frets. Most of the time, this is a separate tool, and often, more expensive than this is on its own. 

We're not too big on multitaskers in tools, feels like very often doing two things at once means doing neither well, but in this case, we think Music Nomad has actually improved over most offerings in at least one of these categories. 

The most important photo is the last one, however. Here, we've set the Music Nomad Tool side by side with a competitor whose design is more traditional. Which tool do you think is going to make your work easier? Yes, that's why its the one we carry. It gets one tool out of your way, and makes your job easier. 

 We don't believe you'll find better than this tool. 

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