MXR M279 Deep Phase Pedal

MXR M279 Deep Phase Pedal

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In the world of Phase Shifter pedals, MXr has a big claim stacked out in the market. Not only do they make several versions of the Phase 90, but also the Phase 45, the Phase 100 and the EVH version. This new addition is something of the more psychedelic and funky cousin of the family. Sure, you can get a basic phase 90 out of it fairly easily, but it can go deeper and more textural than any that have come before it. 

The Deep Phase has two knobs and one switch. The Speed control will adjust the rate like the 90. If you've tried beyond that one-eyed wonder, you'll recognize the feedback knob, which could. be likened to a depth or a blend in terms of what it adjusts. The mode switch doubles the number of steps in the phase (we know, technical talk) from four to eight. With certain settings this can get pretty strange, as you can see in the video below. 

Runs on standard 9v power, with a shiny orange mini housing. 


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