Oat Soda Company Jam Master JM-1 Pickup Set

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More Gain Music is proud to be the first dealer for Oat Soda Sound Company. 

This set is Oat Soda Sound Company's take on the classic Jazzmaster® pickup. These pickups balance the line between the sparkle of a Strat pickup and the focused bass and a slight midrange bump a la P90. We worked hard to tame the harsh brightness in the bridge without losing what makes it a great JM pickup. Tons of clarity without the harsh highs. The bridge pickup sports fully charged Alnico 5 magnets for a neutral sound and slightly faster attack, great for lead tones or fuzz/overdrive. The neck pickup has ‘aged’ Alnico II magnets for a more pushed attack. Lacquered fiber bobbins made in-house and vintage cloth pushback wire round out these fantastic Jazzmaster® pickups. Lightly potted like all OSSC pickups to allow the sound to shine through.

Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA

Individual Pickups available on request. 



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