Oat Soda Company 615 Broadway T Bridge pickup

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More Gain Music is proud to be the first dealer for Oat Soda Sound Company. 

This pickup is Oat Soda Sound Company's take on the Nashville hot Tele pickup. The bridge sports a lacquered fiber bobbin with sand cast A5 magnets wound with modern poly-nylon pickup wire. We wind the bridge a little too hot to tame the high end and accentuate the midrange but retains 100% Tele clarity and twang without sounding harsh. We add a thick raw steel base plate and wrap the coil in vintage cloth twine before being lightly wax potted. We make the open range neck bobbins in house and use a slightly thinner base bobbin to allow more winds to help balance with the bridge pickup. They use a raw German silver open frame cover and A5 magnets to retain the sparkle. 

 Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA

Individual Pickups available on request. 



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