Oat Soda Company Surf's Up! Pickup Set

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More Gain Music is proud to be the first dealer for Oat Soda Sound Company. 

This pickups set is Oat Soda Sound COmpany's take on the definitive modern surf rock pickup. Based on the 1963 Stratocaster pickups that ushered in the age of surfalicious sound, the Surfs Up! Pickup Set delivers a modified recreation to the classics. Sporting sand cast Alnico 5 staggered hand beveled pole pieces, period correct lacquered black vulcanized fiber flat work, modern poly-nylon magnet wire, and vintage push back cloth wire. We balance the bridge to 6.75k, decrease the gauss to 85mT, and add a copper plated steel baseplate to tame any harshness while tightening bass. The middle and neck pickups are wound to 5.8k with Alnico 5 magnets with a gauss reading of 65mT. These pickups offer a clear punchy tone in the bridge position without being shrill while retaining sweet bell like tones in every other position.

Crank up the reverb tank and these pickups will deliver the goods, from Crusin’ the PCH to twangin’ under the Big Sky, the OSSC Surfs Up! Pickup set will take you there.

These pickups come uncovered, so you will have to add your own covers, or they will fit your existing covers. 

Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA

Set of 3 (Bridge, Middle, Neck) 

Individual Pickups available on request. 



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