Rombo Picks Origami Picks (multiple colors)

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Rombo Picks were beguin with a kickstarter and designed by husband and wife Judith and Carlo. More Gain music is proud to be the first brick and mortar dealer for Rombo in the US. 

Rombo set out to redefine what is possible with picks, with 3-d shaping, new materials and microtextures, their line is full of innovative and useful ideas. 

The Origami pick has a solidly microtextured surface, with a series of folds that follow your fingers to prevent rotation. The picks are sized at .75mm in thickness, and similar to a medium flexibility. The material is a little stiffer than nylon, a little more flexible than delrin. 

If you have a sensory thing, as some of us do, you might not like the microtexture, but you'll find the pattern has a little bit of extra grip without being as invasive as other grip picks. 

Pack of 4 picks.

Imported from Germany.  

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