String to Speaker 12x24 Wall Mounted Pick holder Display

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Guitarists and memorabilia collectors - keep your picks handy and on display for anyone to see. We've been told this is the best display pick collectors have found, but we just use it to hold our every day use picks. Great for gifts or for the man-cave. These are backed by fabric and have enough structure to hold shape while still being able to roll up (though the picks won't stay if you roll it up). For thicker picks, the leather will stretch to accommodate over time.

Available soon in black.

Some who have bought these have framed them. If you have a specific frame, we can make a size just for it. Maximum width at the moment is 12 inches.

This Pick holder is hand made in our shop of new sheepskin leather. It holds almost 200 picks with holes for three sizes. We can do custom orders or sizes of these if you want to send us a message.

Picks not Included.

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