String To Speaker WoodShredding Picks Rosewood Standard 3 pack Grip

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Your tone starts at the source - your pick. WoodShredding picks are all made by and in our shop, by, well, us, to deliver the best in tone to you. We even developed our own tools (jigs if you're a woodworker) to shape them. 

Many people don't think about the material of their pick, just the shape, and that's a big mistake. Delrin has a good all-around tone when you play, nylon a warmer tone, and Ultem a very bright sharp attack and tone. You can hear it on electric, but even more so on acoustic. 

Rosewood has a rich, deep tone and sharp attack. Play it on your acoustic, and you'll hear your instrument like you never have before. It becomes rich, bold and the character of all of those fine woods it's built out of will really come out. 

These picks, contrary to what you might think, are very durable, and will last a long time. The grip aspect of these picks is machined into the surface, and is the best grip we've ever felt on a pick. They won't turn or slip in your fingers. 

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