Switchcraft W-SC-W15 Stereo Pickup Selector Toggle DPDT Switch right Angle

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This is the switch for semi-hollowbodies and SG styled guitars. Comes with a flat nut. You'll notice this version of the switch has 9 contacts in two rows. This would be for full stereo operation or other unusual pickup configurations. 

Switchcraft is made in Chicago and among the finest switches across all of the industrial electronics industry.

Personal experience here. In FebruaryI replaced a switch in a guitar with a lesser version of these. By November is had already broken from bedroom playing by a meticulously gentle player. Seriously, for a few extra dollars, this switch will last years longer. We won't carry the cheaper versions because you won't be happy with them. 

If you have an instrument with a thicker cap, you may find you need a deeper nut to catch the threads. 

Not all switch tips will fit these, but this selection will.The tips that do not fit are generally found on import guitar such as Epiphones

If you have an imported instrument, these switches are likely better in build quality but may not fit exactly like the original switch. Check the measurements below for best fit information.  


Length: 1.83 in / 46.39mm
Thread Depth: .2 in / 5mm 
Thread Diameter .45 in / 11.51mm

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